How we operate

Thank you for your interest in our services! We’re dedicated to designing and developing the best user experience possible for your visitors. Having worked with hundreds of different clients over the years, we recognize the process can be daunting at times. The goal of this document is to give you a good understand of our process and what you can expect from us when all is said and done.


Getting to know you: A phone call + an email or three to get acquainted and figure out the road ahead. Any sitemaps, diagrams, sites you love, images you need or colors you would like to use very helpful at this stage. Sometimes too little information is better than too much, but it’s important for us to have some idea of what to aim for. Examples are better than adjectives! 


Content, Architecture & Setup: Laying the foundation. Setting up your pages, the content for those pages, and the settings/structure to build your design on.

Design: Now we’re moving! We’ll get started working with the concepts and information you gave us in step one to produce a working draft. 

Design Revisions: You’ve seen what we have for you, things look great but you really don’t like the photos on this page, and the colors are darker than you were hoping, this is where we work all those issues out. Please be as constructive as possible and offer examples or details that will help us understand and resolve these issues for you. Try to be flexible where possible. 


Development & Quality Assurance: We’ve successfully designed the site, things are looking good! At this point any development work that needs done (HTML/CSS/Javascript) gets taken care of and we go over every page & link on the site in every available browser on every platform we can find to ensure your site looks good for as many visitors as possible. Google Analytics, page descriptions and other SEO tweaks are configured at this point as well.

Domain pointing & Farewell (until next time!): We ensure your domain name is pointed at the new site, and you’re all set. Look forward to working with you again! 

Your Websites Domain:

We will need access to your domains control panel, so that when the time comes, we can update the DNS records for your domain to point at your new website. If you are savvy enough, you are free to handle this part of the transition yourself, instructions can be found here.


Squarespace ( is available for support 24/7 via ticket and will almost always respond within 24 hours. Cloudyreason is available to support functionality, for training and during the transition to the new site and for any other support/consulting as needed. Give us a call or send an email as needed.

Costs & Payment Schedule:

Our rate is $100/hr. We bill in 15 minute increments with a minimum of 15 minutes required for most work. Invoices are sent via email and can be paid using Credit / Debit card. We also accept checks which can be mailed to us directly. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to pay by check.

Once the estimate for a project has been agreed upon, we bill for 50% of the estimated cost to be paid at the start of the project. Upon completion of step six above the remaining 50% + any additional work not accounted for in the initial estimate becomes due. 

Contracts & NDA:

We do not typically require contracts for any work under $10,000, but will happily produce a contract for services if required. It is not in our interest to sign nondisclosure agreements as they limit our ability to promote our work for advertising purposes and can really only negatively impact us in the long run. We are a small company who trusts and values our clients and we hope they trust us too. 

Thank you for reading!

We hope this has answered all of your questions and you’re ready to get started on your new website with us! Of course if you have additional questions, we’re happy to answer them for you.