Animal Refuge Center


“I contracted with Cloudyreason on behalf of my organization, The Animal Refuge Center, a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill sanctuary in SW FL, to create a new web presence. The company's professionalism, creativity and vision became apparent from my very first conversation with the owner, Forrest Baer. My communications with him immediately struck the perfect balance between his being open to my own ideas and requirements for the new site, while still steering the project and lending fantastic aesthetic and content suggestions. The end result of this collaboration is a beautiful, clean, streamlined and highly functional web presence. It accomplishes a fantastic amount of utility and ease of use on the back end, while leaving our wonderful animals the focus of the end user experience. I can't recommend this company highly enough!”

Wayne Leinen, Jr.
Executive Director & Board Trustee
The Animal Refuge Center

Forrest Baer

Designer & Developer @ Cloudyreason Creative.